The Claridge House Cooperative is governed by Bylaws that were adopted in 1980.  Board meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the community room.  The June meeting occurs immediately preceeding the Annual meeting.  The December meeting immediately preceeds the Budget Presentation Meeting.  There is typically no meeting in August.

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The Claridge House Cooperative is located in the Foggy Bottom area of Washington, DC. It is close to the Metro and George Washington University. The coop consists of two buildings and contains 352 studio and one bedroom units.


Recent Lease Availability

603S — Efficiency  |   $1600/month
Available on August 1, 2018
Posted 7/11/2018     » Details

919N — One bedroom  |   $2400/month
Available on August 9, 2018
Posted 7/7/2018     » Details

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Recent Sale Availability

507N — One bedroom  |   $279,000
Available on June 29, 2018
Posted 11/27/2017     » Details

211s — Efficiency  |   $249,900
Available on September 18, 2017
Posted 9/18/2017     » Details

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