As a cooperative, The Claridge House has units that are owned by the individual shareholders. To view a unit and sign a lease, contact the shareholder listed.


The coop consists of two buildings and contains 352 studio and one bedroom units.

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Parking is available in both the North and South buildings.

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*Please note that parking spaces are only available to current residents.

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Apartment and garage space owners, submit our rental listing form  or garage space listing form via fax or e-mail.


South building

02s, 03s, 06s, 07s

01s, 04s, 05s, 08s




North building

03n, 04n, 05n, 06n, 07n, 08n, 09n, 14n, 16n, 27n, 29n

11n, 13n, 127n, 129n

17n, 19n, 21n

Deluxe 1 BR 02n, Deluxe 1 BR 10n, 12n

Deluxe studio 15n

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The Claridge House Cooperative is located in the Foggy Bottom area of Washington, DC. It is close to the Metro and George Washington University. The coop consists of two buildings and contains 352 studio and one bedroom units.


In-Unit Maintenance Program
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Smoking Policy for Claridge House
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Associa Advantage
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Recent Lease Availability

802S — Efficiency  |   $1750/month
Available on December 15, 2021
Posted 11/24/2021     » Details

523N — Efficiency  |   $1620/month
Available on January 1, 2022
Posted 11/24/2021     » Details

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Recent Sale Availability

207S — Efficiency  |   $225,000
Available on December 1, 2021
Posted 11/3/2021     » Details

116N — One bedroom  |   $265,000
Available on September 10, 2021
Posted 9/10/2021     » Details

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