In-Unit Maintenance Program

Posted 7/5/2011 at 4:47 pm

At its meeting on September 13, 2005 the Board agreed to put into effect a new In-Unit Maintenance Program that will streamline the process of assisting unit owners to secure the services of in-house staff for in-unit maintenance and repairs.  Owners have relied on in-house staff in the past for such services and completed service request forms that were available at the front desk.  However, with that system it has been difficult to fairly estimate and assign costs.


Owners may register for the program to have the services of in-house staff available to themselves or their tenants or call by submitting a request to the Management Office, supported by an authorization to undertake work without prior notice when expected cost is less than a limit that the owner sets in his request for service.  The Board recommends that this limit be set at $300.00.  In all cases where a task is expected to cost more than $300.00, prior authorization to proceed will be sought from the unit owner.


Once a unit is included in the program at the owners request; individual requests for services will be accepted and processed through the following steps:

Work order requests are to be submitted in writing by the Unit Owner or tenant of a participating owner in one of the following manners:

Online at


Fax:      202-965-6280 Attn:  Site Manager

A work order will be created and received by the Head Engineer, who will assign the work to the appropriate maintenance/engineer specialist.

The specialist who responds to your request will assess the anticipated cost with the Engineer and if under the $300.00 limit, will perform the required services.  Owners will be notified if the services are estimated to cost more than the $300.00 limit and will be undertaken only after the Unit Owners prior approval.  Owners may also set the limit they wish to be respected for giving prior authorization.

Time will be logged from the time the specialist enters the unit until the time that the services have been completed and recorded along with the materials used.

A detailed report, including as assessment of the nature of the problem, a description of the necessary repairs, the duration of the services and the materials used is to be completed by the specialist; authorized by the Head Engineer and submitted to the Management Office.

Invoices should be mailed within the week of the completed services.

This program will expedite the unit maintenance process to better serve the community.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Site Manager, Pilar Juergenson in the Management Office at (202) 342-0254.


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